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Boxer Shorts and Briefs

Quanzhou Junlong Garments Co., Ltd
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filter disc

eric wire mesh filter co.,ltd The extruder screen is fixed on the board for the protection of a porous or groove, so that a seal is formed between the extruder and the die. Less pressure generated by the filter wire mesh clean, may be only 50 ~ 100lb/in2 ( 1lb=0.4536Kg, 1in=25.4mm ). With the increase of pressure, the amount of impurities resin filter net retention in the variable, thereby blocking the filter screen. The filter will affect the molten material temperature when replace the stainless steel filter mesh blocked, pressure will suddenly drop, the molten material temperature may drop, resulting in product size change. In order to keep the same size of product, you can adjust the extruder screw speed machine, also can adjust the linear speed of extruder. In the extrusion of round products, these changes may not cause serious problems, but in the extrusion flat or irregular shape products, change of molten material temperature may affect the product dimension. For example


a supplier required for our garment business at Nigerian, Ghana, Togo, Kenya