Terms and conditions

1 Preamble

Bumbou is read like “English bamboo”.

www.bumbou.com is a gate of exchange for African companies mainly, African business and the african economics partners (example: co-operation, business opportunities from Europe, Asia, America...). It is an online directory of companies, with related services. However www.bumbou.com is not a closed club, it is thus opened with the whole world.

On www.bumbou.com, the members of the site will be able to contact the others members trough a directory of companies classified by country of Africa and world. They will have also access to other services such as the news, classifieds, economic regulations information, tax and customs in the countries of Africa…. The web site is available for the moment in 4 languages:

- French,

- English,

- Chinese,

- Portuguese

For whom is done www.bumbou.com?

This web site is addressed mainly to:

- Those that are in the trade with Africa

- Those that would be interested by this zone of exchange.

- But also of the seeker of employment or training in Africa… The registration on www.bumbou.com is free but some services will be paying. www.bumbou.com reserves itself the right to change these conditions constantly.

1,1 - Definition of the “user”

The user of www.bumbou.com is a person who uses an Internet browser to connect and visit the www.bumbou.com web site. This user thus defined, takes note and accepts the conditions of use of the Internet web site www.bumbou.com and all the services which are proposed in this web site.

1,2 - Definition of the “member”

Is defined like member, any user who is registered on the www.bumbou.com web site itself or trough a natural third person if it is about a moral person who is member. The natural person who registers any moral person must be his or her legal representative or then must be expressly elected to act as. This person must enjoy in the broad sense of the term all his or her legal capacities and to have the legal majority required in her country of origin. The user can also send information to the administrators of this web site for them to register him, her or it (company). A registration in this way will be done after identifying this user.

Who can be member of www.bumbou.com?

Any natural person or morals having legal capacity to act of the kind, and not carrying on an illicit activity within sight of the laws can be member. Any member is as well a user, then the “user” term, will be used to as well qualify the simple “user” and the user who is a “member”.

2 Engagements of the users

► The user takes the engagement to not navigate automatically with robots, crawlers and or metaspiders, and via any other tools of this kind.

► The user takes the engagement to not block the good performance of the www.bumbou.com web site in any manner that it is.

► The user takes the engagement to not to reproduce, copy, modify, duplicate whole or part of the www.bumbou.com web site and services and or produced associated without the express authorization of the owner of the www.bumbou.com web site.

► The user takes the engagement to not overload the band-widths wrongly and or to not transmit and or emit any elements to damage the system, to not paralyse the system, or to not intercept and or to not interfere on whole or part of the www.bumbou.com website.

► The user takes the engagement to not devote itself to reverse engineering, with the dismantling of information present on the www.bumbou.com website. In the same way the user takes the engagement to not disturb and to not block the communication of the other users by any tools that is.

► The user has to pay the expenses related to its Internet connection as to pay the expenses related to material and tools which enables him or her to be connected onwww.bumbou.com, to his or her internet access provider or another provider. The user has the whole responsibility for his connection. Its thus belongs to him or her to take all the necessary measures to protect and make safe his or her connection.

►The user takes the engagement to respect the other users and avoid sending in an abusive way the massages to the members of this website.

►The user, while being registered on this website gives to the administrators of the site the possibility of translating their profile in one or all the languages that are on the website. In the absence of the strict compliance with all the above mentioned rules and to which, the user commits him or her self subjecting himself by visiting this site or while being registered like member, the administrators of the www.bumbou.com website reserve them self the right to prohibit to that user the access to all or a part of the www.bumbou.com website.

The same sanction is applicable to any user who would violate his engagements, but also which violate any law or legislation in force. No compensation dependent such a sanction will be carried out.

► The user can make suggestions of improvement of the functions of this website but that does not engage us with nothing www.bumbou.com; there is no financial counterpart if these ideas are exploited in all or part.

3 Safeties

The administrators of the www.bumbou.com website make of their possible to implement measurements to limit the risks of intrusion, virus, of hacking or very other malware which could reach this site or its servers. However we do not guarantee an absolute safety because of vulnerability of Internet network. The obligation ofwww.bumbou.com is an obligation of means. The user while connecting him or her self on this web site recognizes in fact these possible risks and accepts them.

Limitation of the responsibilities or www.bumbou.com

www.bumbou.com cannot be held responsible for some damage that is resulting from the use of this website for any reason that it is.

www.bumbou.com cannot be held responsible in any way of the execution or the not execution, or the suspension of any service contracted with one or several member (s) registered (s) on this website. www.bumbou.com cannot be held responsible for any consequence related to the diffusion of inaccurate, incomplete information, or quite simply of an absence of information from a user of this website or coming from another website that have its link on www.bumbou.com.

► The responsibility for www.bumbou.com would not be committed for all the disadvantages or damage inherent in the use of Internet network, in particular a rupture of the service, an external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses, and done by everything qualified “force majeur”, in accordance with the laws and with jurisprudence.

www.bumbou.com has only one obligation of means for all the stages and functionalities of the website.

► The administrators of the website will try to translate the contents on the website including for the profiles of the companies, but do not guarantee the exactitude of these translations. We give to our self an obligation of means, with regard to the translations for the languages present on the website. We engage on any precise time but we will endeavour to carry out the translations as soon as possible.

www.bumbou.com reserves itself the right to change all or part, constantly these general conditions of use, according to the evolution of the proposed services and of its internal organization.

www.bumbou.com reserves itself the right to remove the account of a member who do not reconnected on the website after one year duration , and after an unfruitful revival.

4 Intellectual properties

This Website www.bumbou.com as well as the logos, graphics, the texts, the proposed services in the site, the database, etc. , are the exclusive property of Martin Diatta originator, editor and owner of www.bumbou.com. This website is declared to the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés) the french National Commission of Data processing and Freedoms and the treatment of the file is in process . The number of declaration is N°1391704. All the names of products or companies mentioned in the www.bumbou.com website and not belonging to this website, are the brand of their respective holders and owners. Any attempt at fraudulent extraction is likely to constitute an act of counterfeit.

5 Applicable law and attribution of competence

The present general terms of use are subjected to the French law. The attribution of competence in the event of litigation, and in the absence of friendly agreement between the parts, is given to the courts of Lille. The French text is prevalent on any translation which would be possibly made for these general terms of use.