Forum rules


This forum is a reserved space with discussions dedicated to the economic topicality of African business and the african economics partners (example: co-operation, business opportunities from Europe, Asia, America...) the members of this forum will have to conform to the rules of use of this space.

The administrator’s reserve them self the right to exclude any person who would not respect the terms of use of this forum and no member could dispute such a sanction.

2- Rules of use

2.1 The members are responsible for what they write thus releasing the responsibility for the administration of the site.

2.2 The registered members can participate to the existing subjects.

2.3 The members can propose subjects but the administration of the website have to authorize the validation, the suppression or the assignment at another heading without needing to resort to the authorization of that member.

2.4 The data which appear in it can not be collected or used at other ends that private.

2.5 The administration of and the regulators of the forum, reserve the right to remove every contain which would not be in relation to the subjects of discussion, the leading line of the website and or which would be contrary with the law or opposite with the moralities and the law and public order.

2.6 On this forum the subjects and remarks are formally prohibited if they are related to:

- Abusive matter

- Racism,

- Tribalism

- Xenophobia

- Revisionism

- Homophobia

- Fanatic ideologism

- Negationism

- Pornography

- Proselytism

- Paedophilia

2.7 The personal attack and the revelations of identity are prohibited.

2.8 It is prohibited to post on this forum the redundant messages of advertising or promotional nature, opposites with the law and order or the moralities, abusive, violent one, making the apology for the war crimes, opposites to the royalties or right of vicinity to the duty applicable to the databases, with the trade-mark law, the right to the image, the right to the respect of the private life or the violation of any other legislative measure or lawful.

2.9 The members must respect the intellectual property laws in their quotations.

2.10 Any member has the right of modification, correction and suppression of the data which relate to him or her. Information for such action is in the page “legal mentions” of the website.

2.11 In addition to the compliance with the specific rules to this forum, the members must observe the general terms of use of the website. In case of violation of those conditions the administration of the website will take the necessary measures to implement the above mentioned sanctions.

2.12 The French text is prevalent on any translation which would be possibly made for these terms of use.