Conference on the business of Africa to be held in Shanghai (China) on November 2014

Conference on the business of Africa to be held in Shanghai (China) on November 2014 is organized by the company Monga.

Below is the press release of the event.

Monga (Shanghai, China) is a Business & Consulting company that was created in August 2012. Its activities are the council and trade with Africa. Its principal goal is to provide our support to the African continent to help its growth, thanks to the increased trade between Africa and Asia, and in particular with China, which is the leading economic power in Asia.

One of the ways we have developed to achieve this ambitious goal, is the organization of a new type of salon, where african governments, african and foreign companies based in Africa can :

Have direct contact with Asian companies who could be interested in making an investment in Africa, or who would like to become a supplier.
For these small and medium-sized African companies, they could find opportunities to export their productions to Asia and particularly to China, who wishes to increase the imports from Africa, aiming to balance the trade strongly against African. China is open to African production.

For the organisation of this conference, we have the support of the Shanghai government.

Purpose of this conference

Many investments are made in Africa each year, therefore, we wish to become one of the channels in the world providing such information of the investment strategy in Africa, and to make it more visible and open to competition.
This conference will enable African governments and companies based in Africa, to present the various strategies for investment in Africa, with the dual purpose of motivating potential investors and attracting suppliers of competitive products and prices.

This conference is an open platform to African governments and companies based in Africa who plan to make investments in the following years. It could help Africa to reduce investment costs and find new investors or suppliers interested in the enormous potential of Africa.


- A person working or having worked in an international organization like the UN, the AU who knows Africa quite well, and can therefore speak of the African situation in human terms and the challenges in Africa. It will provide an overview of Africa.

- A person working or having worked in an international or African organization who can speak of the African economy with all its potential for future years. IMF, ADB, etc. ....

- A Chinese official who can talk about the relationship between Africa and China, and will discuss how China intends to continue this long and lasting relationship.

- Certains senior officials or ministers of African countries can talk about the development strategy of their country including the strategic investment plan at least in 5 years ( for this conference we will select 6 maximums country to present the strategic plan).

- A lawyer who can talk about securing investment in Africa. What could help a potential investor to be sure that their investment is safe and it will not lose due to a policy change?

- Companies that present their strategic investment plan and achievements made that could be duplicate in other countries. The goal is to present the different stages of the project (difficulties and satisfactions). This will allow some African countries to see what has been done elsewhere and if that generate interest in them.

Event of evening


Along with the salon, inside the room, suppliers will exhibit their products that have a definite interest in Africa. This will allow countries and companies to take direct contacts and to organize, if necessary, visits to China or to Africa to strengthen trade relations.

The company Monga Business & Consulting is available if you have any questions or would like this conference cover a specific issue that is of interest to the African continent.
For more information, thank you to contact

Bonga Bonga Willy
General Manager
Monga Business & Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd..
Email: willy.bonga @
Mobile: 0086 13701784867

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