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Coopertrading Brazil Ltda

We are producer of frozen meat and trading company working with international trading. We have company in Hong Kong to support our financial business. We sell some commodities like iron ore(small quantities by container which is more expensive), soya bean, soy meal, animal mix feed, sugar(quantities around 1000ton each shipment), frozen meat-chicken, beef, pork and we buy any products under client request


Intrade operates in Brazil since 1994 based in Sao Paulo, we are dedicated to the international trade business consultancy, we have 18 years of strong experience developing business four our clients . We offer representation services, sourcing services, entry market plans, sales agents services for Brazilian and foreign companies that intend to extend their operations and sales in Latin America and Brazil. You can contact us at:


Based in the region of Granja Viana in São Paulo, Partnership Connection Service is a company focused on advise small and medium enterprises with transparency, accountability and security Its partners Claudia Cristina and Alberto Abreu go far beyond just selling services, they take to their customers and partners a new work concept. The company operates in the market since 2008 with trade representation, customs consulting and business advice, developing projects aimed at continuous improvement, cost reduction, increased productivity, logistics and improved results.