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Alpha Art Gifts

We are Alpha Art a leading company in the field of advertising, gifts, publishing and exhibition displays, which is locate at the heart of the Middle East in "United Arab Emirates". We have a good reputation in this field in UAE. Because we own our tools and we are very specialist in this domain. We can offer the fully advertising and advertisement marketing solutions that serving the governments, corporate', individuals, communications, awareness campaigns, merchandising, commercial, industrial services, agencies, exhibitions, entertainment & services outlets, airlines & travel agencies ... etc. We help our clients to study the intricacies of their brands, identifying their target audience, planning the coordinating the technical aspects of advertisement marketing for the proposed events to outstand their rivals in targeted events, through presenting a unique ideas and utterly genuine to compel the attention of potential customers and ensure that your presence creates an impact within your target market(s). The effect of advertising is of great importance in marketing all fields. We believe that media and advertising are the cornerstones from which emerge all activities to the greatest number of audience, in establish awareness behind a commodity, product or service and to establish desire to a quire. In order to achieve this, all that is advertised about the activity must be distinct and creative with a new vision that is both innovative and unique.


About the PVC mannequin head, outside is made of environmental and recyclable PVC materials. The color is stable, and the design is fashionable. Inside is made of Polyurethane foam. The formula is the most advanced. Ful foam, not flexible, not under the influence of temperature changes. Meanwhile, because the company has a special mould workshop, employing experienced workers, using advanced electrolysis formulation, we can produce high quality mould on our own in the shortest possible time.

Anhui xinran candle technology Co., Ltd.

our candle products are involved in smellless candle,smokeless candle,candle gifts, infinity candle, pillar candle, wedding candle, religious candle,church candle,votive candle,decoration candle, home candle, lighting candle,music candle, party candle, birthday candle,taper candle ,cheap candle, decorative candle, floating candle, christmas candle, mandle candle, black candle, soy candle, oil candle, hurricane candle, advent candle, candle cove, wall sconces candle,etc Our candles are made of paraffin wax, soy wax, gel wax,bees wax,Or other environmental wax materials,and our candle size&colour is in varied forms,you can choice any candle according to your like. Our candles lit smokeless, little tears,we provide perfect after-sales service, Customized candle products are Welcome. All our candles with good quality and pretty reasonable price.