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BAGER SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR HEALTH SERVICES PLC established in November 2009 aiming to become a leading environmental professional solutions provider of technical and consultancy services in the country under a clear guiding and meaningful principle- Taking Responsible Solution in managing & reusing of the country’s environmental resources. BAGER intended aim and planned activities are not new, but they are innovative & designed to refocus on saving the Country’s environment from pollution through an integrated solutions to the natural resources- Air, Water, and Land under a strict industrial waste management and continuous environmental services to key economic sectors currently established a gained development record towards to broad based economic transformation.

Beijing Huashijinyang Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Innovative Technology Inductive High-Accuracy Measurement Water Meters (cold water only) --- The Newest Measuring Instrument Beijing Huashijinyang Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was established on 23 June, 2004 with registered capital of 3 million RMB. We are an independent innovative & high technology enterprise, which owns a high-tech and high quality R&D team, as well as a group of talents. "Inductive High-Accuracy Measurement Water Meters (cold water)" are a kind of modern water measuring instrument researched and developed by Beijing Huashijinyang Science & Technology Co., Ltd. according to Water-Saving Strategy established by Beijing Municipal Government for city development. On 18th May, 2009, "Inductive High-Accuracy Measurement Water Meters (cold water)" acquired "Manufacturing Measuring Instruments License of the People's Republic of China". The production permit number is CMC 00000501. Our modern water meters follow JJG 162-2007 Test Procedures published by China Quality and Technical Supervise Bureau. Our modern water meters adopt flow control and measurement technology. That means they measure water flow based on flow speed under Nominal Flow situation. When the water flow bit by bit, they can measure based on weight. Our modern water meters have the capability to not only measure bit by bit flow, but also effectively protect the water meters working under idle state. There are four different kinds and three categories of products. According to different requirements, the meters and the instruments of metering control can be split and combined. That shows that our water meters have already completed the transition to highly-precise & multi-functional technology. Our modern water meters will serve as the newest measuring instruments in water industry and play an important role for the country's energy-saving and emission reduction issues! Main Products: Water Meter Composite Manhole Cover Heating controller Cold Water Meter Hot Water Meter Prepaid Water Meter Remote Photographic Water Meter High-Accuracy Measurement Water Meter