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Boloni Group

Dear Sir/Madam, Please allow us to introduce our company Boloni group Co. Ltd. It was based in a demand from large wholesale customers to establish more effective, results-driven, personal approach to new customers acquisitions. We are fully trained professionals with our huge team and more than 5 years of experience ahead. By focusing our efforts on a face to face great relationship-based approach, we are able to bring our clients good quality products for the best price. We are dealing with leading factories across Asia for the most respected companies in USA, Iran, India, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine. Boloni group typically provides leads for the following services: - Consulting - Sourcing - Shipping - and many more! The company operates in segments like textile and apparel, consumer products, including footwear, toys and electronics, construction equipments etc. We are running our own jeans line under the name Boloni Jeans, which is an absolute hit among our customers. Please take a moment to get a look at them on Should you wish to utilise our services or you have any queries regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact us . We guarantee our quality of service and our rates are competitive.